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ACC Modifications

All planned changes to your property must be approved by the board.

Simply print out the Modification Approval Form and submit it to FirstService Residential.

FirstService Residential
1235 Old Alpharetta Road, Suite 100
Alpharetta, GA 30005
Phone: 678-624-9453
Fax: 770-521-2146

If you are interested in viewing the Hillbrooke Fencing Specifications, click here.

Color Palette
In the effort to streamline the color approval process for those of you repainting the exterior of your homes, the ACC committee with the help of FirstService Residential has put together a list of suggested color palettes. A full list of if all of the pre-approved colors is available here. Please make sure to also reference the brick palette that is referenced in the color palette document.  The brick palette can be viewed here.

By selecting one of the pre-approved color schemes, homeowners can expect to have their request for modification quickly approved without having to paint a sample of all their selected colors on their homes for the ACC committee to review. If you have any questions or would like to borrow a paint chip booklet, please contact one of the following people:

Nancy Trekner - 770-410-1644 NTrenkner@gmail.com
Julie Johnson - 770-740-1366 julie.johnson@harrynorman.com
Diane Neisler - 404-788-1010 dineisler@hotmail.com

Print out the Approved Color Palette.
Print out the Brick Palette

Here is the contact information for installation or repair of your Hillbrooke Mailbox:

Bill Phillip
The new mailbox is $350 installed.

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