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Neighborhood Watch - Conversation with Johns Creek Police Department
Date Posted: Feb 26, 2017
All, I had a lengthy discussion with our rep at the Johns Creek Police department regarding the recent incidents.  We as a board will look at several options and compare the price versus effectiveness. Some of these options include
  1. Camera system for the front and rear entrance 
  2. Increased lighting for the neighborhood 
  3. A more organized neighborhood watch.  
It is important to note that he stressed, and as Trey mentioned, the most effective deterrent is the neighbors themselves.  You have heard these before but it is worth mentioning again.  

  1. Do not leave your garage doors open.  In fact he suggested investing in a device that automatically closes your garage door if it has been open for a period of time 
  2. Lock doors and windows of your house and your cars 
  3. Think about a security system for you home.
  4. Utilize the JCPC when you leave for vacation https://p2c.johnscreekga.gov/ 
  5. Download the JCPC4me app to your phone to keep informed
  6. And most important.  DO NOT hesitate to call 911.  If you see anything suspicious AT ALL.  Of all of the security options I discussed with him, that is the best.  Whether it is a car running stop signs or speeding, having them send a patrol car is always a good thing.

Again, we will discuss this further at our annual meeting and hopefully Officer Meberg will be there as well.  Many of you have reached out to see how you can help and thank you for that.  If you have a contact for any of these services that you think would be helpful, send the name and contact number to me and I will call and get a quote.
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