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Schools - Hillbrooke Graduates 2008
Date Posted: Mar 28, 2008
Attention all Hillbrooke graduates!
Here are all the names I have for the banner. Please let me know if I don't have you on this list. I will be ordering the banner next week.

Thanks, and Congratulations!

Ade, Max 
Bird, Nicholas-
Boylan, Patrick
Danek, Beau
Danson, Elizabeth
Gonzalez, Felipe
Hady, Kyle
Hayes, Kelly
Jenkins, Ben
Jennette, Natalie
King, Max
Kohrs, Ryan
Kratz, Kaitlin
Leitch, Chelsea
Lichliter, Ashlyn
Lugin, Yelena
Miller, John
McCabe, Megan
Mueller, Nicole
Perdomo, Sarah
Rae, Yanique
Rentschler, CT
Robinson, Matt
 Roussau, Anthony
Shearer, Erin
Siedschalag, Danny
Simons, Jaclyn
Stiles, Jess
Van Winkle, Cookie
Walsh, Biana
Widmer, Jackie  

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