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211. Community - Adding or Editing Your Community Directory Information
Date Posted: Oct 15, 2007
Contact: Paul Janofsky
Description: If you are new to Hillbrooke, or wish to add or change your phone directory information that is published on the website and in the T'elh's directory, you can do so yourself via the Hillbrooke website.

You'll need to log on to the website (see instructions below if you haven't registered) and click on the "ADMIN" button.  From there you can add or edit your directory information.
212. Community - Selling or Refinancing Your Home?
Date Posted: Oct 08, 2007
Contact: Paul Janofsky
Description: If you are selling or refinancing your home, you may need a letter from the HOA indicating that your dues are up-to-date.
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213. Community - Email Blast
Date Posted: Sep 25, 2007
Contact: Webmaster
Description: You may have notice the new look to the email blasts. We have recently switched from manually creating the email blast to a process where we will automatically create the email based on the content that has been added to the website.
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214. Community - Hillbrooke Neighborhood Update
Date Posted: Sep 24, 2007
Contact: Paul Janofsky
Description: Greetings, Hillbrooke Neighbors!

On September 23, the board of directors along with some of our committee chairs, attended a session conducted by Matt Sabath, Hillbrooke resident and webmaster.  Matt demonstrated the functionality of the Hillbrooke website and showed us all its rich capabilities and tools that make it a valuable resource for us to use as a communication medium, both for residents and visitors.

In the next few days, board members and/or committee chairs will be posting content to help communicate some of the goings-on and issues relevant to our community.  I highly encourage each of you to not only review what your find intriguing, but to submit your own content as well.
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215. Community - Hillbrooke Daisy (Girl Scout) Troop
Date Posted: Aug 23, 2007
Contact: Webmaster
Description: I want to invite all Kindergarten girls to come, and participate in the Daisy's (Girl Scouts). We are trying to form a Hillbrooke group so far we have 5 girls involved.
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Date Posted: Aug 22, 2007
Contact: Webmaster
Description: Thank you Heather Heaton and Nancy Dale for organizing a fun-filled Kindergarten Roundup! Eighteen rising kindergartners attended the event and had wonderful time meeting new friends.


The party planning and rental of the "inflatables" needs to get started right away in order to make sure that we're able to to hold this highly anticipated and fun kids' event. If you are interested in helping to coordinate the party, please contact Judy Kastner asap at (770)360-5835 or e-mail Judy at cjkastner@bellsouth.net.
217. Community - Mid-Year HOA Meeting Recap
Date Posted: Aug 21, 2007
Contact: Paul Janofsky
Description: On Friday, August 10, 2007, the Hillbrooke Homeowners Association congregated for their mid-year meeting.  There were approximately 60 people in attendance.  Those in attendance were entered into a drawing to be conducted at the January meeting, presuming their attendance there as well, for a reduction by 50% of their 2008 homeowner dues.

The keynote speaker was John's Creek Mayor, Mike Bodker, with special guest, Councilman Ivan Figeroa.
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218. Sports - Hillbrooke’s Michaela Owen finishes 4th in Golf World Championship
Date Posted: Aug 20, 2007
Contact: Webmaster
Description: 10 year old Michaela Owen of Hillbrooke just returned from Pinehurst, North Carolina from the US KIDS GOLF World Championship. She earned a trip to the invitation only event by finishing third in the US KIDS REGIONAL Championship at Jekyll Island earlier in the year.
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219. Tennis Team - Outside Neighborhood Tennis Dues
Date Posted: Jun 19, 2007
Contact: Webmaster
Description: Attention all Hillbrooke Tennis Captains. As the new season approaches, please remember to submit all out of the neighborhood dues to Barbara Simon at 390 Bristol Stone Lane by Sunday June 10th.

Checks made out to Hillbrooke HOA or cash will be accepted. Reminder: Adult dues are $25 per season or $50 per year. Juniors (under 18) dues are $10 per season or $25 per year. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. This money helps us to maintain our neighborhood facilities.Any team caught trying to avoid this rule will not be given access to Hillbrooke tennis courts.

Any questions regarding this matter or any other tennis concerns, please email me at Barbara_simon@comcast.net. Thank you!
220. Community - Need to rent the Pavilion for an upcoming party or event?
Date Posted: May 10, 2007
Contact: Webmaster
Description: We now have an easy and convenient method to see what days the pavilion is available and request your reservation. Simply login to access the "Residents Only" area of the Hillbrooke website (insert hyperlink),click on the Online Reservation button on the left-hand menu, choose your date from the online calendar and click the "Book Now" button on your date. Once you select your time slot on the "Online Reservations" form, you will receive a confirmation email that your reservation has been accepted. If you have yet to register for access to the "Residents Only" area of the website, please follow the easy directions given below in this email.
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