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Landscaping - May Gardening Tips from Pikes
Date Posted: May 01, 2006
In today's busy world, it is hard to find the time to get everything done. But don't think of gardening as just one more chore. Unlike the other chores you face each day, you may actually enjoy working in your garden! Give it a try. It really is fun to play in the dirt! Get outside in the fresh air and get your hands in the soil. It can lift your spirits, clear your mind, help you to relax and exercise your body. What other leisure time activity provides so many benefits? The best part of all is you will be rewarded for your efforts with a spectacular landscape and a true sense of accomplishment.

May's Gardening Checklist:
  • For best results, prune and fertilize azaleas and other spring flowering plants just after they finish blooming.
  • Say goodbye to your pansies. Replace them with warm season annuals for continuous color until frost. Choose old favorites like Geraniums, Impatiens and Marigolds or try something different. Dragon Wing Begonias, Setcresea and Sweet Potato Vines make a real impact in the landscape.
  • Time to plant warm season vegetables. Cucumbers, eggplant, melons, peppers, squash and tomatoes can be planted now and enjoyed this summer.
  • Freshen mulch around trees, shrubs and flower beds. Mulches inhibit weed growth and help to conserve moisture in the soil.
  • Begin a spraying program for roses. Treat them with a fungicide to discourage the development of black spot and other diseases; and an insecticide to eliminate insect pests. Always read and follow all directions on the product labels.
  • Add perennials to your garden. Selection is great this month. Try long-blooming daylilies, purple coneflowers, Shasta daisies and gaura.
  • Got shade? Try ground covers instead of grass. Dwarf mondo grass, English ivy, hosta, liriope, and pachysandra are just a few varieties that perform well in woodland shade to partial shade.
  • Take a "weekly weed walk" and pull up or spot spray weeds in your lawn and planting beds while they are still young. If allowed to mature, weeds produce seeds that produce more weeds that produce more work for the conscientious gardener. Controlling weeds in their early stages of growth will save you a lot of time and trouble down the road.
  • Plant an instant lawn. Warm season sod varieties, like Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede, are widely available now. Water new sod daily for the first two weeks.
  • Remember Mom. Mother's Day is May 14th. Surprise your mom with a hanging basket or blooming plant. Plants are the gifts that keep on giving.
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