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Landscaping - June Gardening Tips from Pikes
Date Posted: Jun 01, 2005
All too soon, the transition from spring to summer will be upon us. Most of the magnificent spring blooming bulbs, shrubs and trees are just a memory now. But don't despair. There is a multitude of summer blooming plants out there. Because the summer heat in the southeast can be intense, to say the least, select heat-tolerant flowers and plants that perform well in warm climates. Annuals such as gomphrena, lantana, verbena, vinca, wax-leaf begonias and zinnias can usually stand up to the heat, humidity and drought associated with our summertime weather. Perennials such as daylilies, cannas, black-eyed Susans and purple coneflowers will add summer color to your garden year after year. Shrubs and trees like abelia, buddleia (butterfly bush), crape myrtle, and magnolia are also summer blooming favorites. So you see, spring is not the only season for colorful blooms. You just need to know what to plant.
  • Did you know? Turf grasses perform best when maintained at the correct height. No more than 1/3 of the blades should be removed at any one time. Also, instead of bagging the clippings, leave them on the lawn. Summer's heat will decompose the grass clippings in a matter of hours, releasing nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil.
  • Create a butterfly garden to provide months of visual enjoyment. Every butterfly garden should have at least one buddleia (butterfly bush). Abelia, azaleas, dahlias, gaura, lantana, pineapple sage, rose of Sharon, verbena and zinnia also attract butterflies.
  • Plant Knock Out and Flower Carpet Roses® for continuous color all summer. These compact shrub roses, available in several colors, require very little maintenance and are reliably black-spot resistant.
  • Plant an instant lawn. Warm season sod varieties such as Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede and St. Augustine are all available now.
  • Tomato remedies. Blossom End Rot which causes dark, mushy blotches on the bottom of the fruit is caused by a calcium deficiency in the soil. There are several products that will correct this problem. To prevent tomatoes from splitting while still on the vine, keep the soil uniformly moist at all times. Inconsistent watering dehydrates the fruit. When the plants are watered again, the fruit expands, often causing it to split.
  • Use a porous soaker hose to water vegetable gardens and flower beds. Soaker hoses provide gentle, thorough and uniform moisture directly to the root area, minimizing run-off and evaporation. They also reduce leaf fungi, since water never comes in contact with the leaves.
  • Off with their heads! Deadhead your annuals on a regular basis. Pinching off dead blooms as they occur helps to prevent seed production and pauses in blooming.
  • Got weeds? Apply a post-emergent weed killer to your lawn according to package directions. Make sure that the product you select is safe for use on your type of grass. Don't wait too late. Weed killers work best when temperatures are 85 degrees or less.
  • Plant a hydrangea for long-lasting, summer color. Although the plant itself is rather inconspicuous, the large, highly decorative bloom clusters that appear in June, July and August are real attention grabbers. The new Endless Summer™ variety blooms repeatedly throughout the summer.
  • Japanese Beetles can be distinguished by their metallic green heads and bronze colored wings. They are insatiable eaters that usually feed in groups and devour leaves, flowers and fruit on many kinds of plants. To control these destructive beetles, use traps that contain both floral and sexual lures, chemical controls and/or grub controls.
  • Father's Day is June 18th. Surprise him with a special tree or shrub; some garden gloves and tools; or a bird feeder and seed. You may also consider adding a focal point to his landscape with garden statuary, a fountain or a bird bath. Can't decide what to get? Give Dad a Pike Gift Card and let him choose the perfect gift.
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